The Monster Project

Draw a monster.Write a description of it.Post your description on this page.Put your name and location under your description.
Students from other schools will try to draw your monster using your description.Post your drawings under the description.When the drawings have been posted, post the original drawings to compare!Let's have some fun and become expert describers!!!My monster is eleven inches long. I have a pink head that is a square and black teeth and a red rectangle mouth. A double u nose and square eyes with a square in it. A hexagon body green and black and it is a pattern. Three purple triangle legs and four rectangle brown toes. And oval gray hands. And a blue square in the hands. It has four fingers and one is red and one pink so their is a pattern on both hands. I have yellow bunny ears. Can you draw my monster?by Alexei - Craig, Colorado
How to draw my monster. My monster has a round body. It is pink. It is supposed to go in the middle of your paper. It is 8 cm and 3 inches so that is big. The head is yellow and a heart shaped head. He has a smily face except it is upside down. He has two orange stems on the top but close to the side with two blue eyes on the top of the head. He has two triangle wings. They are on the side of the body. They are purple and orange. The legs are curvy at the bottom of the body. They have four legs. They are red. There is one big, two medium legs and one small leg. They legs have hooves. He has a brown neck that looks like a piece of pizza. Can you draw my monster?
by Tate - Craig, Colorado

First on my monster you draw one circle in the middle of the paper.Then draw 3/4 of another circle so the first circle overlaps. Next draw a yellow zigzag tail on the back of the circles. Then draw ten legs at the bottom of the circles. The legs are rectangle with circles at the bottom of the ten legs. Now draw lines acrossed the circles. Make sure you leave 1 centimeter in between the lines. There are 3 horns on a circle head that connects to the big circles. Last color one circle yellow and one purple. The legs are purple too. I outlined mine. That is my monster. Okay you can draw it now.
by Logan - Craig, Colorado

My monster has a green T rex head and arms that are sharp at the end with a big fat red oval for the body and thirty eight orange spikes on the back. Then crouch it over at the top. He has purple triangle ears that stand up and he is ten inches tall. Last do two legs. Make the left leg brown then make the right leg black. Can you draw my monster?
by Chris - Craig, Colorado

To draw my monster you have to draw a teal circle head at the top of the paper with two yellow eyes and one poked out. Next draw a yellow duck beak on the head. Then draw a vertical oval light green body hooked to the head. After that draw two little arms. Then draw two dark green fat legs. After you draw the two fat legs you draw a laying down crescent moon behind the monster with black spots for a tail. Can you draw my monster?
by Brendan - Craig, Colorado

My monster has 33 eyeballs on her head and body. My monster has a diamond head. My monster has 4 red rectangle legs. My monster is 7 inches long. My monster has a square body. My monster's body is red and my monster's head is orange and my monster has 4 red legs.
by Alyssa - Craig, Colorado

My monster has 1 circled head and it has a blue squared body. It has 6 rectangle feet and it has 6 long legs. It has 4 snake heads. My monster has a rectangle door in the body. My monster has one eye in the head. It has an ellipse head and it has a triangle head and two wings. Can you make my monster?
by Trent - Craig, Colorado

To draw my monster start by making an igloo. Then draw five rectangle feet on the bottom with U shaped toes. Then draw under the five feet draw chicken feet. Then draw two tails. It is 3 inches tall. Then draw two long necks with a head on each side with a snake tongue. it is green with blue waves right down the middle of the igloo.
by Krece - Craig, Colorado

To draw my monster you have to draw a round head, gray eyes, and pointy ears. Underneath draw a rectangle as a body. Underneath the body you draw six chicken legs. Off the sides of the rectangle draw six chicken leg arms. And when you color my monster body go up and down lumpy on the top of the body like mountains. On the top color red and blue on the body. On the head in the mouth draw a smile with teeth. The body is six inches long and a white white head. Can you draw my monster?
by Carmelita - Craig, Colorado

To draw my monster you must draw a six inch red oval in the middle of the paper. Then add four green rectangles up and down with a point in the middle of the foot. Then add a circle head and with three red eyes. Then add three gray spikes on the top of the head. Then add an orange tail. Then add blue triangle arms on the side in the middle of the oval. Then add a big yellow square in the middle of the triangle. Then add three tiny yellow squares on the side and the middle of the big square. That's how you draw my monster.
Dustin - Craig, Colorado

How to draw my monster Mrs. Waves. Mrs. Waves has an oval head that is dark blue. After that you have to draw the nose. The nose has a one centimeter long line with a swirl on the end. You color it pink. After that you draw the mouth. The mouth looks like waves. The waves have a little swirl on top. It is brown. After that you draw the eyes. The eyes are yellow and one is green. The right one is yellow and the left one is green with one swirler in the eye. After that you draw ears. The ears are like a heart but you make it look like an upside down mountain that does not have a point on it. After that you draw the body. The body is squiggly. It is 8 inches long. The right side is yellow with 13 zigzags in it. then you draw the legs. The first one is 3 centimeters long and the second is 4 centimeters long. The last one is 8 centimeters long. They are on the bottom. The first one is dark purple and the second one is light orange and the last one is light purple and behind them there are two black lines. Then at last you draw the arms. The right one is orange and the left one is blue. The fingers are orange and one is blue. There are 4 fingers. That's how you draw my monster.
Cristiann - Craig, Colorado

To draw my monster you need one head that looks like a cow with horns and it is yellow with one eye. Five legs. they are red with claws and the bottoms have three points. Six arms with three fingers. The body looks like an oval. When you get to the bottom do some waves. Three waves on the bottom. After you draw the body do eleven circles that are pink. They are supposed to go on the body. That is how you draw my monster.
Lauren - Craig, Colorado

To draw my monster draw an upside down U. Next draw a bunch of little u's all the way to the other side of the big U. The body is 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide. Then you draw 2 lines of red eyes and all together there are 25 eyes in all. My head is my body so my eyes and my blue razor sharp teeth are on my body. I have yellow goal post looking horns. My front legs are like the sides of a goal post and that's the same with the back legs but upside down. Can you draw my monster?
Seth - Craig, Colorado

To draw my monster you have to draw the circle then you draw half of the body purple. then you draw the neck and the head. The neck is red. The hair is black. Then you draw the long black arms. Then you draw the four brown feet. No legs and scary eyes. All the teeth are sticking out.
Morgan - Craig, Colorado


My monster is nine and a half inches long. My monster has two mouths. My monster has ten hands and four legs. My monster has an ellipse body. My monster has a dragon head. My monster has one brown eye. My monster has people feet. My monster has green pants. My monster has a red body. My monster has pink hands. My monster has a yellow head. Can you draw my monster?
Angel - Craig, Colorado


My monster has sharp claws and sharp teeth and a green body. My monster has three eyes and purple hair and brown legs that are rectangle legs. My monster has purple arms and zigzags too and they are 2 inches long.
David - Craig, Colorado

To draw my monster first you draw an ellipse. Then you draw six blue hands and five blue legs. Then draw a purple chest and ten eyes on the chest and one eye in my head and zigzag stripes in my face. I am eating a mashed potato. I have pink hair. Can you draw my monster?
Ofelia - Craig, Colorado

Hi my name is Zortop. I have a circle head. I have a dog arm. The other arm is a wing. I have a chicken foot and a spoon foot. I have a duck that sticks out of my belly button. Can you draw my monster?
Jack - Craig, Colorado

I have a cat tale that is blue and yellow. An oval body that has stripes. Color black and orange in the stripes. I have eight chicken legs with three toes and a green head with bumps too. I have a white eye and a green nose and mouth. Draw my monster.
Joelle - Craig, Colorado

My monster has a very long neck. On its neck is a zigzag and my monster has zigzags on his legs too. It has stripes on his feet. They are red and blue. It is 5 inches. It has bumps on the back. It has one ear. It has a square eye. Can you draw it?
Stormy - Craig, Colorado

Myis happy. He has 6 purple eyes going across and a spiky nose on his brown face. He has pink fangs and a long purple tongue. He has horns. On his horns it looks like a crown on his head. He has pink fur coming out of his head. It has a gigantic axe in his hand and five legs and a green and purple and turquoise long sleeve shirt. It has a long green tail and some blue hair coming out of his armpit. Blood is falling from its mouth. Can you draw him? Delaney - Henniker, NH


My monster has a green face. He has one big pink eye to. He also has a big smile with blood coming down from his sharp teeth. He has very pointy ears. He has a little brown hat with the word Frizz on it. He has an oval black nose. He is cute. He has 6 arms and they are brown with hair coming out of them. He has a fat belly with black dots all over him. He is a very hairy monster. His legs are wide and they are hairy too. He has yellow feet. Can you draw him? Kennedy – Henniker, NH

monster11.jpg mons37.jpg100_4318_s.jpgmons44a.jpg
My monster has 13 black eyes. My monster has 8 arms and 4 on each side. My monster has black shorts on. My monster has 6 legs. He has blood coming out of his teeth. He has earrings on. My monster has 4 horns, on each side with hair coming out of them. My monster has a blue face. He has dark blue head. He has an orange tee shirt on. His tee shirt says scary monster and says my name is George. He has a top hat on it is black. He has 2 tails with green hair coming out. He has shoes on each foot. He has red ears. Can you draw him? Meg -Henniker, NH
My monster is funny looking. It has two orange eyes with squiggles inside them. It has yellow teeth with a pink mouth. It has brown fur and a tale that is brown too. I have a purple shirt and blue pants with no feet but to legs. I have brown ears. I have no nose. I have two hands. He is smiling with his yellow four teeth. Can you draw my monster? Jessie - Henniker, NH


My monster has pointed ears. He likes ice cream. He is tall yellow-orange in color. Blue hands and he wears green shoes. He has an orange belt. His favorite number is 22. He has two big eyes, and green hair. He has a big smile. He is always happy. He likes to play basketball. Can you draw him? Justin - Henniker, NH

My monster is funny. It has a purple mustache and green arms with a black jump rope attached to its arms. He has a body like a snake. He has two TVs on its head. He has two sticks with two eyes on it. He has a purple head. Can you draw him? Aidan -Henniker, NH

My monster is funny looking. His name is Frizz. He has three eyes on the top and the bottom on his head that are purple and pink. He has 2 long legs and yellow toenails and he has a tail that looks like a squirrel. And he has red skin with a mouth that is on his head and he has two sharp teeth with blood dripping off them. He has blueand he has an orange sweater he has 3 hairs under his armpit and 3 on his ear and on his tail and he has a nose like a pig and his teeth are spread apart and on his shirt he has a nametag that says his name. Can you draw him? Rachel - Henniker, NH
mons31.jpg mons42.jpgmons42a.jpg

My monster is happy. He’s 11 inches long. He has an egg shaped, brown, furry belly. He has a black bet and a black eye on his belly. Off the body on 1 side is 3 blue arms each having one mouth. Then on the other side there are three pink arms with one mouth on each. There are also three wings on his body and a beaver tail. His head has 31 black eyes and three spikes. He has purple short on his red legs. Can you draw him? Zack , NH


My monster is scared because she is getting eaten. She has blue and red pointy ears. She has blue spiky hair. She has two blue eyes and a blue nose in the middle of her face and has red bloody teeth. On her shirt she has Delaney + Tabby = bff and dots surrounding it. The shirt is purple. She has blue pants. The inside of her mouth is black and she has a red dot in the middle of her mouth. Her shoes are black. Can you draw my monster? Tabitha – Henniker, NH

My monster is funny. My monster has purple hair and 2 pointy black ears. She has a pink smooth face and 3 red eyes on the top of its face with a smile on its face. She also has 2 orange teeth and 1 green tooth that is round. She has a blue neck and 2 blue arms and blue hands. She is wearing a yellow shirt. There is a brown beaver tale by her hips. She is wearing orange pants and pink shoes with purple stripes. Can you draw my monster? Kacie – Henniker, NH

My monster has a head with 11 purple hairs sticking out of the top of his head. It is a green head with a moth withtongue sticking out of it. He has two yellow teeth sticking out of his mouth with blood on them. He has 1 ear on 1 side of the head on the other side he has 1 ear also. He has 4 arms coming out of his orange stomach. There is also green hair under his armpits. His hands look like brown flowers with 10 bumps on each hand. He has an orange tee shirt with Bob in the middle of the green rectangle with a pink eye under it. He has 2 giant blue legs with yellow claws on each foot. His legs curl at the bottom. There are 20 eyes coming out of his body from his head to his feet. Last there is a long purple tail that rests on his shoulder. Can you draw my monster? Will – Henniker, NH

monster12.jpg mons27.jpg100_4277_s.jpgmons41a.jpg

My monster has a brown and blue ponytail, three green eyes with a purple dot in the middle. It has orange rectangle sleeves. It has a round body. Starting in the middle of the body there is a bellybutton that is green with magenta in the middle. In the middle of the monsters body there is a brown square with a green square outlining it. Outlining the green is blue. Outlining the blue is magenta. Outlining magenta is purple. Outlining purple is round yellow. Outlining round yellow is round orange. Outlining round orange is round pink. The legs are and rectangle. The left side is pink and the right side is purple. The shoes are blue with purple laces. The hands are purple and the fingers are blue, green, pink, yellow and dark blue on both sides. The ears are gray with purple medium sized earrings. The nose is square and brown and it has a smiling magenta mouth. It is walking on a sidewalk. Can you draw my monster?
Lizzy, Weare, NH


My monster is very big. He is red. He has one arm and one leg. He has a small yellow mouth and blue eyes. His nose is round and green. His and long. The ears are on the side of his body. His feet are roun My monster is always happy. Can you draw my monster?

Mahmoud Mneimneh- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is fat like his dad. He has three long arms. He has fins on his head. They are pink. His nose is liketriangle. The body is like a rock. It is black. He has three tiny teeth. They are orange. He has three blue fingers on each hand. Can you draw my monster?

Ahmad Ghanem- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster has tiny wings instead of arms. They are gray. He has a huge body. He is scary. His tongue is black. He has six pink eyes in the middle of his body. The legs are very short and hairy. His face is round and big. He has long red hair. His mouth is scary. Can you draw my monster?

Rami Ghannoumi- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is friendly. He has curly yellow hair. He has black fingers. He has ten small eyes. They are blue and pink. He has one big leg and one small leg. They are orange. His head is round and greeen. His nose is like a star. HIs mouth is very small and red. Can you draw my monster?

Reem Afra- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is very scary. His face is very big and green. His hair is black and curly. He has three black eyes. His hands are strong. He can hold a car in one hand. His shirt is brown and his pants are blue. He issandals. Can you draw my monster?

Ziad Itani- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is huge. He is tall. He has three eyes. They are green. His nose is round and red. He has four ears. The body is like an orange. He has no arms and no legs. Can you draw my monster?

Mohammad Nasser- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is so funny. It is big. He has one ear like a star. He has twenty eyes. His face is round and blue with four yellow mouths. He has long red hair. The teeth are very sharp. He has a round body. His hands are black and short with no fingers. He has five legs. Can you draw my monster?

Riwa Khatib- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is small. It has short red hair. His body is round and green. His nose is blue and it's on the top of his head. His teeth are sharp and black. The eyes are pink. My monster has two heads. He has one black leg. His arms are green. He is holding an ice cream. His mouth is brown. Can you draw my monster?

Yousof Halabi- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is a girl. She has very long straight hair. It is red. She has a beautiful face like Cinderella. Her eyes are blue. Her nose is small. She is thin and tall. Her legs are yellow and her arms are purple. She likes to dance. Can you draw my monster?

Maryam Itani- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is big. He has a big mouth and red teeth. He has one small eye. His nose is long like Pinnochio. His arms are like spaghetti. He has three red fingers. His legs are short and fat. He is wearing pyjamas because he wants to sleep. Can you draw my monster?

Omar Itani- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster has a yellow body. It is big and funny. His face is black with eight red eyes. His teeth are white and sharp. His legs are green and his feet are blue. He likes to play basketball. He is holding a basketball in his hand. Can you draw my monster?

Jana Talal Shehab- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is enourmous. It is fat and funny. It has eleven green eyes. His mouth is round and brown. He has one tooth. My monster has long pink hair. It is straight. His face is green. His body is blue. He has feet. Can you draw my monster?

Nesrae Teologo- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is tall. His face is round and pink. He has one eye in the middle of his face. His hair is short and green. He has four sharp teeth. He is very hungry. He has one ear and a purple triangular nose. His mouth is yellow. He has four long arms and six short legs. Can you draw mymonster?

Shaimaa Dinnawi- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is tall. He can run fast. His face is blue. His eyes are black and small. He has four short ears and long red nose. His mouth is round and red. His hair is golden. His body is like an orange. He has three arms and four legs. He is wearing a cap. He is very hungry and holding three sandwiches. Can you draw my monster.

Akram Aaref- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is a girl. She has two small heads. She has long red hair. It is straight. She has four eyes and two triangular noses. She has three mouths and ten sharp teeth. She has six ears. Her fingers are short and green. She has ten long arms. Can you draw my monster?

Afaf Itani- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is funny. He is huge. He has a small head and no hair. He is wearing a blue hat. His face is oval. He has three brown eyes and two noses. His body is yellow. He has one short arm and one small arm. His legs are short. They are red. He is wearing green pants and black shoes. Can you draw my monster?

Mohammad Rashwani- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is very big. He has pink head. It is round. His ears are yellow. He has four small hands. They are green. He is scary. His mouth is big to eat fast because he is very hungry. He likes to eat pizza. His nose is long and round. Can you draw my monster?

Karim Olabi- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is round. He has red hair and big face. His eyes are very very big and they are red. His ears are brown and very big. He likes to eat bananas. He is holding ten bananas. He has ten hands. His legs areand brown. He is wearing a red jacket. Can you draw my monster?

Ahmad Hussein- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is thin. He has big round ears. His body has the heart shape. It is red. He has two big sharp teeth. nose is round and pink. He has ten hands. They are blue. His feet are like the ducks' feet. He can swim. Can you draw my monster?

Jana Osama Shehab- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is gigantic. He has a heart face. It is pink. His hair is long. He' s got two eyes. One eye is small and the other is big. His nose is very big. He's got two hands and four legs. He is wearing aand blue pants. Can you draw my monster?

Mokhtar Abdalla- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is big. His face is blue and round. His ears are orange. He has four antennae. They are long. He has a very long nose. The arms are short. The legs are long. His feet are scary. Can you draw my monster?

Wael Maarouf- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is lovely. His face is small and blue. He has one eye in the middle of his face. It is yellow. His hair is pink. He has one arm. It is blue. His leg is green and big. His foot is brown. He is wearing a stiped tie. Can you draw my monster?

Farah Kahaf- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is very big. His face is round and yellow. His hair is curly, long, and yellow. His mouth is straight. He has two red eyes. His ears are very small. They are blue. His neck is like a ball. He's got two black dragon's feet. He can run very fast. Can you draw my monster?

Aaya Itani- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is scary. He has a big fat brown nose. He has five star eyes. They are orange. His face is oval and blue. He has many brown teeth. His hair is red and spiky. His body is pink and fat. He's got a long black tail with a red star at the end. Can you draw my monster?

Ghalayini- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is small and funny. He has an oval head. It is white. His eyes are shining like stars. His mouth looks like a triangle. It is yellow. He has four blue ears. His mouth is purple. He has three green teeth. His arms are very short and his legs are very long. His feet are like carrots. Can you draw my monster?

Jana Kibbi- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is and . His face is like an apple. He has green hair. He has three eyes. Two eyes are blue and one is green. His mouth is big with two black teeth. He's got black hands and feet. He has no body. Can you draw my monster?

Rayan Shatila- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is scary. He has a round red face. He is very angry. His eyes are red with black dots in the middle. His ears are red, too. His neck is short. His body is oval. It is black. He has four hands and six legs. He is holding a stick. Can you draw my monster?

Jad Ghrayzi - Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is red. It is big. His head is without hair. He has four ears. His nose is like a stick. It is brown. His mouth is yellow with nine teeth. He has a big orange body. His arms are long and his legs are short and thin, He has six fingers on the right hand and two fingers on the left hand. Can you draw my monster?

Hamza Mahfouz- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is very fat and he is always hungry. He likes to eat hamburger with fries. He has a round head. It is blue. He has one big eye. It is brown. His mouth is very big. He has ten black teeth. He has two bodies. They are green. He had two triangle legs. They are yellow. Can you draw my monster?

Abed Itani- Beirut, Lebanon


My monster is friendly. His face is round and pink. He has two small eyes. They are blue. His nose is like a triangle. It is yellow. He has five big ears. They are green and like a circle. His mouth is red with seven teeth. He has six hands. He is wearing a t-shirt. It is blue. There are many stars on his t-shirts. Can you draw my monster?

Yaarob Salah Eddine- Beirut, Lebanon